Drone pilot training in Geneva

You would like to take an introductory course to (remot) pilot a civilian drone (uav/rpas) or to attend a whole professional training session to become a drone professional, a drone operator and a camera/sensor operator? Swiss Aero Prod, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is your best partner.

Why should you chose Swiss Aero Prod as a training drone school?

Swiss Aero Prod, this is:

6 years’ experience in dynamic and very stressful environments such as urban canyons (cities) for audiovisual missions.

4 years’ experience in R&D, developping drone solutions highly sophisticated for Broadcasters, through its daughter company, Broadcastdrone.tv Inc.

4 years of travelling in Europe and United States to attend international drone meeting both civilian and military, to follow closely the drone (RPAS) regulations and the evolution of the drone industry.

3 years’ experience in consulting to select the most appropriate drone regarding different types of need: mapping, inspection, surveillance and audiovisual.

2 years’ experience of teaching how to operate a drone (rpas,uav) for security agents with our partner: Académie Suisse de sécurité.

Introductory course

You have never remote piloted a drone and you do not wish to become a professional? This course has been designed for you!

In this course you will learn the basics of a drone: what are the elements and which ones require a lot of attention.

This course of 3 hours is in 3 parts: 1 hour of theory about the uav, 1 hour of practice and 1 hour about the basic regulation and customs and how to apply for authorizations.

The price of the course is Swiss francs 450.-

Professional training