Investments in the Drone Industry

Investments made in drone startups by Venture Capitals (Mainly U.S. Territory)

According to CB Insights, the most important Venture Capital Database (, USD 500 millions have been invested in drones startups between 2012 and 2015. Moreover the market of this very new industry is estimated at over USD 20 billions for 2020.

Swiss Aero Prod has invested and developped after two years of hard work, through its daughter company, Inc., the most advanced drone solution for the broadcast industry to film live sport events. Our “broadcastdrone” responds entirely to its highest technical standards.

Like any lucrative competition, hard work, sweat, team of excellence and important financial means are required in order to maintain a pol position. Thus if you have any interest to invest in the drone industry and specifically in a very exciting lucrative niche market, we are open to any interesting proposals that will enable all of us toghether to win the commercial battles and to stay in the forfront of drone technologies.

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