Drones for sport live events

Drone brings a new dimension in the core of sports action. It is a powerful tool to film outdoor sports. Swiss Aero Prod is one of the very few in Europe which can bring the highest quality of images for live sport events by using DVB-T video transmitter that responds to the highest technical requirements of the broadcast industry.

It can also be used to monitor training of team sports in order to visualize from a higher perspective what has to be improved in the coordination of athletes.

Aerial shootings by drone for what kind of sports?

We can coordinate aerial shootings with traditional production companies in the following sports :

                                                                                            – Car races (Forumla 1, Formula E, Rallies, Indycar)

                                                                                            – Moto races

                                                                                            – Boat races

                                                                                            – Marathon competitions

                                                                                            – Biathlon

                                                                                            – Acrobatic ski, snowboard, wakeboard competitions

                                                                                            – Golf competitions

Drone, sport and safety

In every mission, a safety distance with the crowd of spectators has to be defined in the fly-zone of the drone.

Wakeboard session shooted by drone

Wake Cable - Geneva Lake Summer 2015 with Daniel Grant, worlwide champion