Professional drones in Geneva and in Switzerland

What kind of technologies for our drones?

Swiss Aero Prod invests in the last and top technology available on the market in civilian drones (RPAS/UAVs). We can carry camcorder with lens up to 5kg. We are one of the very few in Geneva and in Switzerland who are able to fly with Red cameras or Mini Arri with cinema lens and follow focus.

Specifications of our drones

The effective fly duration of shooting is min 10 min for the heaviest camera set (camera/lense) and 18 min for the lightest. We have enough batteries to work all day long.

The horizontal translation speed is max 45 km/h (27.96 mph).

What kind of management with our drones?

Our working comfort zone is around 100 meters (328 feet) radius. This comfort zone changes regarding the environment whereas we are operating in countryside or in urban canyon (between buildings in populated zone). Altitude (max 150m above the ground) and horizontale distance depend on the civil aviation rules of a country.

We only  fly  VLOS (visual line of sight) in respect of civil aviation regulations, meaning that we are able at any time to distinguish the front, back, left and right sides. GSSN/GPS doesn’t garantee always 100% to any civilian drones on the market that it will be possible to bring back the drone to the landing zone. Security is the primarily and first criteria to take into account in a flight scenario. We do not consider that drones replace completely  helicopter but are a powerful tool to film aerial shooting at a close range and at a very low altitude what could not be possible with helicopter.

The Motion picture industry is now using widely this tool with Red cameras or mini Arri for action movies such as Expendables 2  Impossible mission, James Bond movies, etc.

Our new brushless camera gimbals offer such a stability that no post-production stabilization is required.

For Live events, Swiss Aero Prod has one of the best full HD transmission system dedicated to broadcast industry, in the range of frequency authorized for the Swiss territory, under licence. The receiver can be plugged directly to an outside broadcasting truck, in SDI. We are one of the very first and very few in Europe to have such video downlink responding to DVB-T standards.

We offer an aerial tailored-made service for the needs of the Clients. This implies a specific choice of camera set, of its physical and electronic configuration depending on what the Clients want to film within his budget.

Aerial shootings by drone of Geneva

20'' for Cine

Our drones (RPAS/UAV)  et Images transmission

           – Octocopters “Heavy lift”

           – Brushless camera gimbal technology

           – Broadcast video downlink

             DVB-T standards, h.264 part 10,

             COFDM modulation

Still cameras and camcorders which can be carried*

        – Sony A7s

        – Canon 5D Mark III and similar

        – Canon C300 family

        – Sony F5/F55

        – Sony FS 700, Fs7

        – Red cameras family

        – Mini Arri

For the cameras which can not record internally in HD, 4:4:4, 12 bits or 4K DCI and UHD, 4:2:2 10 bits, we have the ability to add an external recorder such as Odyssey Q7+, Shogun Atomos or Ki Pro AJA.

*Due to the very specific need of every clients, the cameras are rented with our external partner-provider Visuals (Switzerland):